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The first true Warhammer strategy game for mobile!
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The first Warhammer mobile game with RTS gameplay, recreating the world of Warhammer Fantasy with
thousand-unit battles. Outsmart your enemies and write your own Warhammer epic in Total War Battles: Warhammer!

  • Yes! Developed by NetEase, Total War Battles: WARHAMMER is officially licensed by Creative Assembly and Games Workshop. It aims to bring deep strategic gameplay in the epic Warhammer Fantasy Battles world to millions of mobile devices worldwide.

  • Total War Battles: WARHAMMER is a tactical war-simulation mobile game. From micro unit management in battle to macro mediation between players and factions, your empire requires your wits and strategies to stand its ground amidst the scheming Skaven and against the threat from rival factions. In short, strategy prevails here!

  • The game is still under development and we will launch a close beta test soon. Please keep tuned to our official website for more information about the test and official release plan. You can also join our official Discord through:

  • The game will support Android and iOS Platforms. We will also announce minimum specs in the future.

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